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Your First Aid Kit

Many leagues offer a First Aid seminar for their coaches. It is important that you and your assistant coaches attend this clinic. If your league does not offer a First Aid seminar, contact your local hospital, many have free or inexpensive clinics available. The information gained from these clinics will be of the utmost importance in the event of an injury.

Most leagues supply teams with first aid kits. If your league does not supply First Aid kits, purchase a basic kit, it can be an invaluable piece of equipment. Most basic First Aid kits can be purchased at a local pharmacy, department store or online for under $25.

Your First Aid kit should consist of:
• 3-4 Ice Packs
• Assortment of Band Aids
• Sterile
• Ace Bandage
• Splint
• Gauze
• Plastic Gloves

The most important piece of equipment regarding First Aid is a Cell Phone. If there is a serious injury on the field, precious time can be wasted searching for a phone to call an ambulance. Parents of an injured child can be contacted quickly as well. A mobile phone can cut down on the time between injury and help arriving.